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Simple Moments Series

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1- Something to drive to:
Beck 04:29 – $4.99

2- Something to think about:
Re: Mussorgsky 04:31 – $6.99

3- Something to dream about:
Midnight Waltz (1800s Vienna) 05:21 – $2.99

4- Something for a departed friend:
M (for Mick Karn) 03:38 – $3.99

5- Something strange:
Farm Bells 01:20 – $2.99

6- Something to dance to:
Five Nations: Arise 04:50 – $2.99

7- Something to gaze at:
Still Life 05:31 – $3.99

8-9 Something to take:
Two Endless Trails
1- Persistance 03:35 – $2.99
2- Compassion & Hope 03:28 – $2.99

10- Something to go deep with:
Underwater 04:38 – $3.99

11- Something that “Goes to 11”:
Eleven 04:34 – $3.99

Terry Bozzio Solo Project 1991

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I have a new track to release. It’s called Advent.
It’s the first in a series called: Terry Bozzio Solo Project 1991
I went into Jeff Burton’s garage studio (he is the son of Elvis Presley’s famous guitarist James Burton!), with Missing Persons’ Live Sound Engineer, (who has been my dear friend from the very beginning of that band): Gary Epstein. We recorded my drums on Jeff’s 16 track 2” machine.
We managed to get 9-10 tracks down with a beatbox for a hybrid sound. With no idea of what it would ultimately be, I tried to improvise composed beats along with the beat box and create different sections, based on what felt was natural to do next. I had the concept of overdubbing the music on it later.
One thing we tried right away was to float in some vocal stuff I had done with Patrick O’Hearn in his studio at the previous session a year before. The result was very good and inspired me to do more with other previous recordings.
At that time I was living near Jeff in Studio City and had converted my garage into a little studio too. I called it White Rooms. I had a 3M 79 16 track 2” machine (bought from Gary Wright!) as well, & some early midi equipment and started to drag the midi overdubs via a sync tone from the 3M. A very slow and tedious process at the time!
But the magic was that 2 of my previously recorded vocal tracks, just done in free space up in Oregon w/ Pat, using my vocoder, synced up unconsciously, but perfectly with 2 of the drum track’s structures! So it was meant to be.
I’m still not finished with all the tracks, but I have 4 almost ready to go, & coming soon!
This is the first and it’s called ”Advent”. It means “a coming”.
Burning drums, Bulgarian Folk Singing, and driving sequencer parts. I hope you like it!

Advent 04:39 – $4.99

Terry Bozzio – Composer Series

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Released: Dec 18, 2015
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