The Big Kit

Terry Bozzio DW “Big Kit” 360⁰ Panorama Performance


(for you number geeks here is a rundown, but i don’t think of it this way!)

26 toms
2 snares
8 bass drums
53 cymbals (incl. ride gong)
22 pedals (incl: 5 working hi-hats, wood djembe, foot cymbal, jingle stick, rik, wood tamb, foot tom, 2 metal things, foot gong).
xylo, glock, chromatic gongs, big gong
2 electronic drums
misc. percussion

(now, you add it all up the way you want!!!)

All drums are DW Verticle Low Timber drums – Ziracote finish – black powder coat  lugs – black powder coat rims – with TB “tunerz” lug locking adapters to prevent detuning & back turning.

Drum level (l to r)
Roland Handsonic
Korg Wavedrum
8″ tom
10″ snare tuned to D (Puresound snares)
TB hand-made Metal Thing
14 – 8″ x 3″ piccolo toms – chromatically tuned from high C to C an octave lower (drums descend in 1/2 step in pitch from upper l down to lower r at a diagonal angle)
12″ solid  snare tuned to B (Puresound snares)

8″ x 6″ tom tuned to A
4 – 10″x 6″ toms G-F-E-D
10″ x 8″ tuned to C
12″ x 6″ tuned to B
12″ x 8″ tuned to A
13″ x 9″ tuned to G
13″ x 10″ tuned to F
14″ x 12″ tuned to E

All pedals are DW 9000 (bass drum pedals w/nylon strap & TB’s special cam modifications) & 9500 (hi-hat pedals w/chain) series.
Remote pedals are 9000 single post (right side pedal posts are reversed because linkage goes to the right and to allow for the pedals to sit close to each other)
All bds are mounted on pdp cradles that allow the most tone & resonance and adjustment for striking the sweet spot on the head.
Beaters are Puresound percussion hard plastic or felt.

Lower Level (foot operated instruments)
8″ Sabian Cym mounted on DW 9000 single post pedal
paul e. “mooneye” wooded headed tambourine
Vic Firth/Emil Richards jingle stick
10″ hi-hat
rik (tunable tambourine) mounted on DW 9000 single post pedal
12″ Chinese gong

8″ x 3″ foot tom tuned to D
12″ gon-bops wooden-headed djembe (tuned to E)
16″ x bd tuned to F (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
left remote china hi-hat 16″ over 18″ (or handmade tb wood clacker)
22″ x 12″ bd tuned to C (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
Spoxe hi-hat
13″ hi-hats

20″ x 16″ main left kick drum (muffled) tuned to G (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
Pete Englehardt metal tambourine shaker
TB special metal jingle device
20″ x 16″ main right kick drum (muffled) tuned to E (w/ akg d-112 may mic)

24″ x 14″ bd tuned to A (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
right remote hi-hats 16″ over 20″
20″ bd tuned to D (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
18″ bd tuned to E (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
22″ bd tuned to B (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
All cymbals Sabian Radia (TB signature)

Upper Level (left to right)
21″ ride
16″ china below 8″china
18″ china below 10″china
14″ china w/12″crash stack below 7″china w/6″crash stack
16″ china w/14″crash stack below 8″china w/7″crash stack
18″ china w/16″crash stack below 10″china w/8″crash stack
20″ china w/18″crash stack below 12″china w/10″crash stack
20″ china below 12″china
22″ china below 14″china
36″ chinese gong (behind right w/beater on cym boom)

Lower Level (drum level)
(left to right)
10″ hi-hats
left remote china hi-hat 16″ over 18″
Spoxe hi-hat (roto tom castings taken apart and used as hi-hat)
13″ hi-hats
Sabian chopper w/factory metal cross stack
9″ heavy bell under 6 1/2″ cup chime
10″ heavy bell under 7″ cup chime
11″ heavy bell under 7 1/2″ cup chime
12″ heavy bell under 8″ cup chime
20″ flat ride w/20″china stack, under closed 14″ flat bottom hi-hats, under Saban chopper/factory metal stack
Pete Englehardt ribbon crasher
finger cymbals
right remote china hi-hat 16″ over 20″
26″ B-20 Radia gong on DW custom 3 point gong holder (played w/a stick, used as a ride cymbal)
26″ china w/26″ ride stack

Either side of snare
(left to right)
6″ closed flat bottom mini hi-hat
7″ closed flat bottom mini hi-hat
Above and Behind:
36″ Wuhan Chinese gong
one octave tuned set of Wuhan Chinese bossed gongs
All hardware is made by DW, including:
DW Rack- Hand Burned w/ Propane Torch & Hand Ground w/ Grafitti Pattern by TB
cymbal stands and 4″ stackers
rack clamps
tom holders
piccolo tom holders
All heads are TB signature 1-ply mylar clear by attack (snare batter heads are coated- 12″ snare has white dot on top or bottom)
Mic’s (not shown)
Normally i use akg 414, c-264, c-12, Solidtube or c-4000 mics ambiently for solo or classical/jazz & recording applications – and for rock or louder situations i use AKG 419 or 418 clip-on’s for toms and snares.

Midi Trigger Set Up
Pintek stick on Midi Triggers
Roland TMC (6 units w/ 6 channels each=36 inputs for all toms, bass drums, foot tom & djembe)
Midiman M-Audio Midi Sport 8 ch. Midi to USB mixer
to MOTU Fastlane USB, to MacBook Pro running Propeller Head’s Reason
Each drum is tuned & triggering the pitch it is tuned to w/ a sine wave sound to reinforce the melodies I play.