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An Evening with TERRY BOZZIO

North American Tour 2014

Drum legend Terry Bozzio presents a solo musical performance on the world´s largest tuned drum and percussion set

14.08.2014 US-CA-Ramona, Ramona Mainstage

15.08.2014 MX-BC-Mexicali, Lob Bar (Bol Bol)

17.08.2014 US-AZ-Phoenix, MIM Music Theater  SOLD OUT!!!

19.08.2014 US-NV-Las Vegas, Sam Ash

22.08.2014 US-CO-Denver, Soiled Dove (2nd show added!!!)

23.08.2014 US-CO-Denver, Soiled Dove  SOLD OUT!!!

26.08.2014 US-OK-Tulsa, The Vanguard

28.08.2014 US-TX-Conroe, Dosey Doe

29.08.2014 US-TX-Fort Worth, McDavid Studio

31.08.2014 US-TX-Austin, One World Theater  SOLD OUT!!!

04.09.2014 US-FL-Orlando, Plaza Live

05.09.2014 US-FL-Largo, Largo Cultural Center

08.09.2014 US-NC-Charlotte, The Neighborhood Theatre

10.09.2014 US-DC-Washington, The Hamilton

11.09.2014 US-DE-Wilmington, World Café

13.09.2014 US-NJ-Asbury Park, The Saint

14.09.2014 US-NY-New York City, Iridium (shows at 8pm & 10pm)

15.09.2014 US-NY-New York City, Iridium (shows at 8pm & 10pm)

16.09.2014 US-CT-Stafford Springs, Stafford Palace Theater

17.09.2014 US-NY-Woodstock, Bearsville Theater

19.09.2014 CA-ON-Richmond Hill, Cosmopolitan Music Hall  SOLD OUT!!!

20.09.2014 CA-ON-Richmond Hill, Cosmopolitan Music Hall  (2nd show added!!!)

21.09.2014 US-NY-Buffalo, Nietzches

22.09.2014 US-OH-Cleveland, Nighttown  (1stshow@ 7pm – almost sold out, 2ndshow @ 9pm) NEW!!!

24.09.2014 US-TN-Nashville, 3rd and Lindsley

26.09.2014 US-KY-Newport, The Southgate House Revival

27.09.2014 US-KY-Louisville, Diamond Pub Concert Hall

30.09.2014 US-AR-Little Rock, Juanitas

02.10.2014 US-MO-Kansas City, Explorer´s Percussion

03.10.2014 US-NE-Omaha, UNO Strauss Performing Arts Center Recital Hall  NEW!!!

05.10.2014 US-IL-Chicago, Martyrs

06.10.2014 US-IL-Chicago, Martyrs

10.10.2014 CA-MB-Winnipeg, West End Cultural Centre

14.10.2014 CA-AB-Calgary, Orpheus Theatre

17.10.2014 CA-BC-Vancouver Island, Tidemark Theatre

18.10.2014 CA-BC-Vancouver, Rio Theatre

19.10.2014 US-WA-Seattle, The Triple Door

20.10.2014 US-OR-Portland, Aladdin Theater

23.10.2014 US-CA-Oakland, Yoshi´s

25.10.2014 US-CA-Los Angeles, Catalina´s

26.10.2014 US-CA-Los Angeles, Catalina´s

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8/14/14 Thursday
8/15/14 Friday MX-Mexicali Lob Bar ( Bol Bol )
8/16/14 Saturday
8/17/14 Sunday Phoenix MIM Music Theater
8/18/14 Monday
8/19/14 Tuesday Las Vegas TBC
8/20/14 Wednesday
8/21/14 Thursday Salt Lake City TBC
8/22/14 Friday
8/23/14 Saturday Denver Soiled Dove
8/24/14 Sunday
8/25/14 Monday
8/26/14 Tuesday Tulsa The Vanguard
8/27/14 Wednesday
8/28/14 Thursday Houston Dosey Doe
8/29/14 Friday Fort Worth McDavid Studio
8/30/14 Saturday
8/31/14 Sunday Austin One World Theater
9/1/14 Monday
9/2/14 Tuesday
9/3/14 Wednesday
9/4/14 Thursday Orlando Plaza Live
9/5/14 Friday Largo Largo Cultural Center on sale on 17.April:
9/6/14 Saturday
9/7/14 Sunday
9/8/14 Monday Charlotte Charlotte, The Neighborhood Theatre  NEW!!!
9/9/14 Tuesday
9/10/14 Wednesday Washington, D.C. Hamilton´s
9/11/14 Thursday Wilmington World Café
9/12/14 Friday
9/13/14 Saturday Asbury Park The Saint
9/14/14 Sunday New York City Iridium
9/15/14 Monday New York City Iridium
9/16/14 Tuesday Stafford Springs Stafford Palace Theater
9/17/14 Wednesday  Woodstock Bearsville Theater  NEW!!!
9/18/14 Thursday
9/19/14 Friday Richmond Hill (near Toronto) Cosmopolitan Music Hall
9/20/14 Saturday
9/21/14 Sunday Buffalo Nietzches
9/22/14 Monday Cleveland Nighttown  NEW!!!
9/23/14 Tuesday
9/24/14 Wednesday Nashville 3rd and Lindsley
9/25/14 Thursday
9/26/14 Friday Newport, KY The Southgate House Revival
9/27/14 Saturday Louisville/Lexington Diamond Pub Concert Hall
9/28/14 Sunday
9/29/14 Monday
9/30/14 Tuesday Little Rock Juanitas
10/1/14 Wednesday
10/2/14 Thursday Kansas City, MO TBC
10/3/14 Friday
10/4/14 Saturday
10/5/14 Sunday Chicago Martyrs
10/6/14 Monday Chicago Martyrs
10/7/14 Tuesday
10/8/14 Wednesday Minn., MN TBC
10/9/14 Thursday
10/10/14 Friday Winnipeg TBC
10/11/14 Saturday
10/12/14 Sunday
10/13/14 Monday
10/14/14 Tuesday Calgary Orpheus Theatre at Sait
10/15/14 Wednesday
10/16/14 Thursday
10/17/14 Friday Vancouver Island Tidemark Theatre
10/18/14 Saturday Vancouver Rio Theatre
10/19/14 Sunday Seattle The Triple Door
10/20/14 Monday Portland Aladdin Theater
10/21/14 Tuesday
10/22/14 Wednesday Sacramento TBC
10/23/14 Thursday Oakland Yoshi´s
10/24/14 Friday
10/25/14 Saturday Los Angeles Catalina´s
10/26/14 Sunday Los Angeles Catalina´s



To all my friends in West Japan:

I am taking my solo tour to you in the smaller towns for those of you who can not get to the big cities! I will have my big kit with midi notes so you can hear my melodic drumming. Also I will bring my art work stage set!
I hope you will come and see my show in these smaller more intimate venues in November!

An evening with TERRY BOZZIO in JAPAN
Celebrate 50 years of drumming with this special tour
West of Japan tour 2014
Melodic solo drumming on the worlds largest tuned drum & percussion set.

テリー•ボジオ 50周年記念 西日本公演ソロツアー決定

11/7/2014 (金)
三重県 松阪市 M’AXAテリー・ボジオ(terry-bozzio)/

11/9/013 (日)
大阪府 茨木市 JACK LION

11/12/2014 (水)
島根県 出雲市 APOLLO

11/14/2014 (金)
岡山県 岡山市 MO:GLA

11/16/2014 (日)

11/19/2014 (水)
熊本県 熊本市 Django

Brecker Brothers Reunion  
feat. Original members :Terry Bozzio, Randy Brecker, Barry Finnerty & Neil Jason , w/Ada Rovati on Saxophone. 

Nov 26 (Wed)      Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’    
Nov 27 (Thu )      Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’    
Nov 28 ( Fri  )      Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’

日本公演決定!  “ヘビーメタル ビーバップ”ツアー inジャパン 2014
オリジナルメンバー: テリー•ボジオ、ランディ•ブレッカー、バリー•フィナティ、ニール•ジェイソン with アダ•ロヴァティ(サクソフォン)

11月26日(水)   クラブチッタ川崎
11月27日(木)   クラブチッタ川崎
11月28日(金)   クラブチッタ川崎